“Jeff (Founder/President of Event Matrix) is the very definition of a problem solver. He has helped Hyundai launch new vehicles into the Canadian market since 2010 and he consistently delivers, regardless of how far-fetched or creative my asks are. His pitches are solid, well researched, and costs are contained within the budget. If you are considering a program that involves any kind of motorized vehicles, give Event Matrix a call.”



“Jeff and his team put great effort into connecting with our guests and catering to their unique needs. They take the initiative and go to great lengths to provide them with whatever they need. He also has very low turnover in his team, which means that our guests always see familiar faces and continue to build positive relationships.”


Jean-François Taylor
Senior Product Public Relations Specialist, Hyundai Canada

“Apex Driver Training has shared a multi-year relationship with Event Matrix and Jeff McKague. It is always a pleasure to work with them as they are not only professional and ethical, but they own their work. They take responsibility and make sure the job is complete and offer help in completing tasks even when it doesn’t benefit Event Matrix. They are a great partner to have. ”


Gerry Bachmann
Co-owner, Apex Driving Training Track Days

“Whenever I attend a media event and see that Event Matrix is there as the organizer, I know that everything will go smoothly and that all my needs as a journalist will be taken care of. I’ve participated in product launches and ride-and-drive events that have been disrupted by bad weather and unpredictable circumstances, but Jeff never fails to ensure that journalists are able to drive the vehicles, evaluate them fairly, and get good stories. I always relax a little when I know that Jeff’s in charge.”


Mark Richardson
Contributor, The Globe and Mail, CAA Magazine, Automotive News Canada, Autofile.ca
Past President, Automobile Journalists Association of Canada

“I have been on numerous events that Jeff McKague (Founder/President of Event Matrix) has coordinated and supervised. Both he and his team exemplified professional behavior, taking care of any questions or concerns that journalists may have had. In addition, due to a previous career that involved total event management, I know that when everything appears to run seamlessly, it is due to hard work, attention to detail and on-site management. The true compliment to an organizer is that no guest ever suspects that issues arise that were not planned for. Jeff McKague and his team make this happen every time they are on site. On a personal note, I have known Jeff for many years and have always found him to be discreet and of high moral standing. His integrity and honesty can never be questioned. The highest praise I can give is that I am proud to call him a friend and would not hesitate to work with him or attend any event he is involved in.”


Charles Renny
Automotive Journalist

“As a PR professional in the automotive industry, I have had the privilege of working with Jeff for more than five years. Jeff consistently brings superior insight, experience and outside-the-box thinking to every event and program. His professionalism and detailed work have helped to ensure some stellar results for my clients over the years. I consider Jeff to be a key member of our team when it comes to driving program strategy and execution and, as an added bonus, he is a familiar and trusted face within the Canadian automotive journalist circuit. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”


Nicole Grant

North Strategic

“I have known Jeff for many more years than his time at Event Matrix – he was a constant connection through my journalist years. I got to see his work at a number of intricate drive, dynamics, off-road and race track programs to introduce vehicles on behalf of various auto manufacturers. His programs were well thought out and included extras that others did not. Jeff and his company have expertise in many areas of the automotive field such as national consumer drive programs, national training programs for sales teams, precision driving and racing. He has worked for Porsche Cars Canada on four programs in the last two years alone and I would recommend him as a person who makes sure the job is done the way the client wants it done. He’s fun and easy to work with and, more importantly, he gets it.”


Laurance Yap

 Former Director of Marketing, Porsche Cars Canada Ltd.

“One10 has enjoyed a long-term successful relationship with Event Matrix. They have worked throughout North America on automotive manufacturer and dealer launches, testing and launches for the tire companies, and are heavily involved in the motorsport business, providing everything from training for track drivers to full-on coaching for professional race drivers.

This automotive events company was launched in 2010 but was years in the making. Now, they are more driven than ever to provide top-level service in presenting automotive products to the media, consumers and front-line staff.

Their experience shows in the ease with which they do the job. Their commitment shows in making every event unique and exciting. Their problem solving is always working to make the greatest ideas cost effective. Their attention to detail shows at every level.

A strong and dedicated group of experienced people who truly love what they do make up the Event Matrix team.”


ONE10 Marketing

“Whether it’s organizing the day’s driving events or collecting the coefficient of friction in -20, Jeff and the team at Event Matrix are organized, professional and always get the job done. From start to finish, they take care of everything and just make my life and our events easy.”


Aaron Smith
Marketing Manager, Customer Insights, Kal Tire