Our Motorsport division excels at the race track. We turn average track-day drivers into high-level racers – and if you need someone behind the wheel, we’ll drive. We teach in-car on the track, but also on the skid pad and in the simulator. We offer vision-reaction and brain-reaction training too. Ask us to help you improve your driving or let us take you for a ride!

Recreational Track Days

Do you want your staff, clients, or friends to have a fun day driving on the race track? We’ll create a safe and exciting experience that they’ll talk about for years to come! Email us at for more information.

Instruction Programs:

Classroom, In-Car, Skid Pad, and Race Driver Development
We have the knowledge, training, and three decades of race-track driving experience to improve speed, consistency, concentration and endurance:

1. Comprehensive training for the beginner
2. Coaching for the established racer
3. Help for the racer who is moving from one motorsport to another. Motorcycles to cars, or go-karts to sedans – we do it all

Event Matrix trains in the car, on the track and on the skid pad, in the lab and even in the fitness club to bring out the best racer in you.

Race Coaching

Are you an enthusiastic amateur who wants to drive faster, and smarter? Are you a professional race driver, or thinking of turning pro? All the big teams have a coach – you should too. When it’s time for expert help, Race craft is only part of the formula. We use in-car, video, data and trackside education to coach the driver who already knows how to drive fast but needs to learn how to unleash it in competition.

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (formerly Mosport) in Ontario is our home track. If you are competing for the first time at CTMP, call for a consult. We’ll make sure you learn this iconic track quickly and efficiently.