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Event Matrix puts your vehicle in the spotlight. If you are a manufacturer that wants to showcase your new car or truck or product, or a driver who wants to improve your skills, we are the people to make it happen. There’s three decades of experience behind Event Matrix, founded by owner and professional driver Jeff McKague. We travel across Canada and the United States, providing a team of driving specialists who work in both English and French to showcase the automobile and all it can do. Above all else, we value integrity, professionalism and creativity.

Introduce your vehicle to the automotive media

Introduce your vehicle to the general public

Train your sales staff

Test your tires and automobiles

Teach you to performance drive

Teach you to race


“Whenever I attend a media event and see that Event Matrix is there as the organizer, I know that everything will go smoothly and that all my needs as a journalist will be taken care of. I’ve participated in product launches and ride-and-drive events that have been disrupted by bad weather and unpredictable circumstances, but Jeff never fails to ensure that journalists are able to drive the vehicles, evaluate them fairly, and get good stories. I always relax a little when I know that Jeff’s in charge.”

– Mark Richardson, Contributor – The Globe and Mail, CAA Magazine,

Automotive News Canada,

PAST President, Automobile Journalists Association of Canada