Race Coach

Driver Development Coaching

Race Driver Development Coaching

We offer comprehensive coaching for the beginner and established racer who are looking to improve. ¬†Improve speed, consistency, concentration, endurance and crash less. The racer who is¬†moving from one motorsport type to another and it doesn’t matter if it is motorcycle racing to cars, or whether a go-kart to a sedan.

We work on several different platforms to be able to bring the best racer in you out to the track. Psychological, visual, Knowledge base…

Event Matrix trains from inside the car, on the skid pad, on the track, in the “lab” and in the fitness club.

Some of our tools include:

Track driving basics to advanced

Track walks, learning how to do them, what to look for and understanding their purpose

Where to look and how, when your eyes move to new target

Understanding what the vehicle is telling you

Analyzing the laps

The wet line

Race driving basics to advanced

Where to pass

How much room to give when passing

Lining up the pass

When to hold position

Race starts

Advanced level skid pad training

How to find more speed when the car is under-steering

Not losing speed when you go into a corner too hot

Trail braking

Creating the advantageous skid

Psychological training (the mental game)

Centering your mind before hitting the track

Confidence on a wet track

Recovering from a bad session

Turning a mistake around

Sport vision training (Eye React) eyereact.ca

Increased reaction speed

Accuracy with inputs

Confidence in what you see in a fraction of a second

Stress environment training (high heart rate, adrenalin)

Continued training with increased stress levels

Trained multi-tasking at high levels

Simulator training

Vision skills

Vehicle placement

Learning new tracks