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    Our company was established in early 2010 with gathered knowledge and experience dating back to 1988. Founded by owner and professional driver Jeff McKague, Event Matrix is proud to be a company with expand ability scoping all across Canada and into the United States.

    Event Matrix has exceptionally delivered on every event because we can source key professionals who have the required specialized skills and who are available to be called upon for our key projects. Additionally, we have a selection of bilingual professionals who can make the transition of running events in French-speaking sectors a simplistic and turnkey procedure.

    At Event Matrix, our goal is to showcase the automobile and to have fun with everyone involved; whether it be by introducing it to the automotive media, training sales staff, testing auto parts, or bringing a new product to the public to drive in unique settings. Known in the industry for its outstanding integrity, professionalism, creativity, and just plain hard work ethic, Event Matrix areas of service fall under three categories; the Automobile, the Testing Grounds and the Race Track. The culture of Event Matrix is a very respectful atmosphere and we want our clients to get excited about what we can do for them.

    Established in early 2010 with gathered knowledge and experience dating back to 1988. Founded by Jeff McKague, Event Matrix is proud to be a small company with expandability scoping all of Canada and into the United States. Known in the industry for its outstanding integrity, professionalism, creativity and just plain hard work ethic.

    Proud to have maintained our position as a small but dynamic service provider in the automotive industry since 2010, Event Matrix has over delivered on varied-size events by having the ability to source key professionals; both within Canada and into the United States. Our network of team members with specialized skills, available to be called upon for key projects, enables us to provide the necessary staffing of people with very specific skill sets without added overhead. Additionally, we have a selection of bilingual professionals we call upon who can make the transition of running events in French-speaking sectors a simplistic and turnkey procedure.

    Whenever desired or required, Event Matrix has the knowledge, training and expertise to provide professional training in Race Track settings as well. With very specific training and experience in this area, dating back to 1988, Event Matrix can meet whatever your need demands.

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    Jeff Mckague

    Jeff Mckague

    President & Professional Driver

    Creating unexpected experiences, cultivating work ethic, and furthering organizational abilities are the benchmarks for Jeff and his team. Striving for uniqueness in the industry, Jeff has always believed that one of the main results of our products and services should be fun for the client and the participant. He surrounds himself with good people who have a sense of humour, and that makes doing the hard work just that much easier. Jeff started his automotive adventure in 1988 as a performance and racing instructor. After teaching over 20,000 beginner, intermediate and pro racers, including NASCAR star Jeff Gordon and Indianapolis 2011 pole sitter Alex Tagliani, he began sharing his expertise through automobile product launches, consumer ride and drives, and in-class, in-car, and in-dealer training.

    Jeff has managed and executed the launch of over 50 new vehicles to the Canadian, South American and United States automotive media. He has worked with companies like JD Power & Associates, Genesis, Hyundai, Lexus, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Ford, and Mazda. Jeff is a Seneca Honours Graduate in Small Business Management, a certified Sports Vision Trainer, a SeasonOne race coach at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, and winner at the 2007 Targa Newfoundland. Jeff and his team complete yearly tire tests for Kal Tire, he is the lead instructor for PFAFF Motorsports and APEX Driver’s Training, developing and executing track driving programs. More recently he is spearheading Event Matrix’s very own Days In Thunder – Northern Ice Driving Experience.

    Although Jeff doesn’t physically like wearing hats, he has worn many – Teacher, Instructor, Coach, Evaluator, Site Manager, Facilitator, Trainer, Actor, Cyclist, Racecar Driver, Precision Driver, Detailer, and Race Fan.

    Richard Price

    Richard Price

    Events Manager

    Richard has 20 years of project and event management experience in large organizations and self-created companies, covering many business areas. Following a comprehensive 5-year manufacturing and technical engineering apprenticeship with Land Rover, he led the way in the development of computer-based simulation of automotive crash testing. He has spent time with organizations such as Land Rover, Jaguar, BMW, and the Motor Industry Research Association.

    While living in the UK, Richard created Ambition Events an ultra-events company staging races, and upon moving to Canada he started a successful event management company, with a diverse portfolio of conferences and trade shows across Ontario. Richard helped organize the London 2012 Olympic Games Triathlon, and at the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games he was responsible for planning and staging nine outdoor competitions in two weeks. He still holds similar roles at the World Triathlon Series events each year. To date he has managed operations for 13 World Series triathlons and 3 Grand Finals, the pinnacle events in the sport.

    In his spare time, when not enjoying the outdoors with his family, Richard enjoys competitive sim racing, and weekends at the track with his two boys watching motorsports.

    Kassie Dobie

    Kassie Dobie

    Executive Assistant

    Every great team needs great support, and that is where Kassie fits in. Kassie brings a strong administrative background to Event Matrix, graduating in Entertainment Business and Live Production, she has worked in event planning for seven years. Kassie really cares about the projects we work on, so combined with strong customer service skills she is the perfect all-rounder to keep the office organized and on its toes.

    Kassie enjoys spending time with her young son, attending live shows, and a great cup of coffee – with a side of chocolate almonds.

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