Event Matrix

Established in early 2010 with gathered knowledge and experience dating back to 1988.  Founded by Jeff McKague, Event Matrix is proud to be a small company with expandability scoping all of Canada and into the United States.  Known in the industry for its outstanding integrity, professionalism, creativity and just plain hard work ethic.

Event Matrix areas of service fall under 2 categories:  Automobile Manufacturer and Race Track

Automobile Manufacturer

Media New Product Launch; Consumer Drive Programs; Sales Staff Product Training

Race Track

Classroom Instruction; In-Car Instruction; Skid Pad Instruction; Race Driver Development Programs



Proud to have maintained our position as a small but dynamic service provider in the automotive industry since 2010, Event Matrix has over delivered on varied-size events by having the ability to source key professionals; both within Canada and into the United States.  Our network of team members with specialized skills, available to be called upon for key projects, enables us to provide the necessary staffing of people with very specific skill sets without added overhead. Additionally, we have a selection of bilingual professionals we call upon who can make the transition of running events in French-speaking sectors a simplistic and turnkey procedure.

Whenever desired or required, Event Matrix has the knowledge, training and expertise to provide professional training in Race Track settings as well. With very specific training and experience in this area, dating back to 1988, Event Matrix can meet whatever your need demands.