Consumer Drive Programs

Traveling across Canada has become a habit for Event Matrix. In the true nature of Event Matrix we become part of a team that executes the consumer event. Our main responsibilities are providing the best staff, the front line, the team that is in contact with the consumer. Our team is stationed all across the country; which gives us the flexibility to provide both a travelling team and/or a local team. Event Matrix recognizes that it takes experience to be able to showcase a vehicle from the passenger seat in a dynamic environment, especially when the weather isn’t always ideal.

Our services don’t end there, we also manage the logistics of the vehicles, from moving them, to detailing and fueling. ¬†We also provide reports that give information that will help in many areas of analysis.

Our clients have included Volkswagen, Hyundai, Ford and BMW so far.


Hyundai One-Ride ON


VW FreeDriving Tour Toronto